5 Most Common Myths About Online Gambling Debunked For You

Online Gambling

The origin of gambling goes way back into history, even before the Palaeolithic period. Yet several misconceptions revolve around it even today. Over the years, gambling has evolved to the extent that you can now place bets online, anywhere, anytime.

You will find many new things to learn, but at the same time, misinformation is also on the rise. Thus, it is essential to demystify these myths and understand how the business of online gambling and online casinos are doing so well.

Myth #1: Gambling Online Is Not Safe

Fact: You will find plenty of secure online gaming platforms. If the online gaming industry was a scam and if word got out that people are losing money, then it would no longer exist. Hence, gambling online is safe, provided you use your discretion while sharing your payment details. For this, you will need to study the site, read reviews, and invest smaller amounts initially before going all-pro.

Myth #2: Online Betting Is Illegal

Fact: This is not true. It is right to rephrase this statement to “online gambling sites that operate without a proper licence is illegal.” Now that would make sense rather than saying using your own money for entertainment purposes such as online gambling is illegal. It does not amount to any criminal offense. Several countries have even legalized and run regulated online gambling sites. However, when in doubt, it is best to study the Legal section of your gaming site to understand the legality before taking the next step.

Myth #3: Online Casino Games Are Rigged

Fact: Imagine you are on a losing streak. Would you say the game is rigged, or would you blame your luck? If casinos begin to rig games for a few extra bucks, then business stands to lose more than to gain. The reason is simple. People will stop gambling. Hence, crying “rigged” all the time you lose doesn’t make sense.

Myth #4: Withdrawal Credits Take A Long Time

Fact: This part is true to a certain extent, merely because of the underlying process and not because casinos hold back your money intentionally. Unlike in a land casino where you can walk up to the counter and claim your prize money, the same is not possible online. When gambling online, you need to allow a minimum time for the casinos to process the transaction between the site and your bank (or whatever mode of withdrawal method you choose). This might take anywhere between a week to two. However, if you want to cut down the waiting period, you can gamble on quick payout sites that process your withdrawals fast but at the cost a small processing fee, which wouldn’t affect your overall amount.

Myth #5: You Become Addicted 

Fact: Gambling, like any other form of entertainment, can get addictive. It may also become a cause of concern among certain people. This is true only if you are bad at making financial decisions or have a problem in managing time and controlling your next action. On the other hand, you will find many who are perfectly capable of setting a budget before beginning to gamble online and also those who can limit their time spent on such platforms. Hence, this point depends on your personality, and there is nothing to generalize. Many reputable online gambling sites like qq39bet.me that allow players to set their deposit limits, which indirectly curbs their spending problem.



You will even find a few saying that bonuses and promotional offers are often exaggerated, online sites are not user-friendly; you never stand a chance to win, and so on. However, if all these were true, then the business would have ceased to exist by now. So, as you can see, there is so much “misrepresentation of facts,” but all of that is not true. Give online gambling a chance and filter the truth from fabricated stories yourself.